Thursday, June 01, 2006

What day is today?

We have a day for the mother, a day for the father, one each for sister, brother, son, daughter, niece... One for cancer, one for AIDS, one for cardiac arrest, one for epilepsy... Then there are days for planting trees, remembering Mr. Kofi Annan, dressing up like ghouls and flossing our gums. In short, we have days for most diseases, relatives and just about all other problems. Do these days really help us in sorting out our problems? That is a very vague, difficult and useless question to answer. Instead, let me ask, do we have days to take care of all our needs? The answer to that is definitely NO. A ‘NO’ with a capital ‘N’, as well as a capital ‘O’, for those suffering from case-blindness. For here are 10 days that, I’m sure you’ll agree, will not only be found useful but will also enrich our lives and give us a boost in our journey towards self-realisation.

1. Anti-commercial day: According to a survey in the U.S., each day, the average person is confronted with 2000 advertisements. Humanity will be more than happy to do without them for a day. No channel should break for commercials today and just keep broadcasting their programs throughout. All newspapers and magazines published on this day must not have a single advertisement, but just stick to news and articles. Hoardings on roadside, busses and walls should be draped with black cloth. Salesmen must stay home and vendors at the market must go about their selling silently.

2. I’m-sorry day: This can be a very special day. It gives you a chance to apologise and rid your relationships of all its cold blocks. So pick up the phone, call up the dear ones and say, “Dear friend, if I ever hurt you or made you feel bad in any manner, I apologise for it today. I cherish your friendship and always want to see you happy. As far as I know, I have always acted according to this, but if you, at any time felt otherwise that was never the intention." Being a bit over-sentimental is okay on 'I'm-sorry' day.

3. No-mobile-phone day: Cast away your ring-tone rattles today. Spend it peacefully and rediscover the pleasures of undisturbed living. It is possible to live without this thing. Believe me when I say, you once did.

4. Non-uniform day: This is the day for the whole world to go ‘Rangeela’. All schools, factories, laboratories, hotels and other establishments that mandate uniforms must lapse this rule for the day. Let people express themselves by wearing their attitude. Colours of all variety will make today a spicy day!

5. Say-Hi-to-strangers day: Day after day we pass by hundreds of people staring coldly at their noses. Let us all decide to shed our inhibitions and fears today and smile and greet everyone we meet. This would have a lubricating effect on our society. We will realise that grotesque our appearances and ways may seem to each other, what counts is we have all descended from the same ape. Not as many people as we think, exhibit cannibalism and most of us don’t mind being adored at all. This day gives you the chance to meet people who can be your great friends, advisors or archrivals. Who knows, you might even meet your dream-lover!

6. Pedal-your-way day: “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race”, wrote the famous writer H.G. Wells. If you are healthy and normal one day’s cycling to work or college won’t do any harm. Only when you use your brawn to push the distances behind, can you know how vast the pleasant land really is. So today it’s bye-bye to cars, scooters, buses and the rest of the powered lot. The true worth of this ordeal and the sense of accomplishment and happiness it gives can’t be described; it has to be experienced. I can promise you this will be a day you will not regret.

7. Snail-mail day: With new gadgets of all shapes and sizes popping up around us daily, writing letters by hand is a practice that is becoming increasingly obscure. So do it the old fashioned way today and take up pen and paper (remember even printouts aren’t allowed) and write to one and all. When you have upgraded your computers, swapped your phones with smaller models, and thrown away your CDs for better things that fit in your computer’s mouth, the letters will live; to tell stories about you to your great-grandchildren.

8. World-joke day: Let us forget seriousness today and generously serve each other good doses of the best medicine. Everyone must think of some funny incident in his or her life or if possible make up his or her own joke. This must be shared with everyone met. The world will be a much happier day on this day, with laughter ringing at every corner and with so many people, so pleasant, so much at once.

9. Un-Valentine’s day: There is a day to say, ‘I love you’. So there’s got to be one to say ‘I don’t’. For those caught in relationships that are not necessary or relationships that are no longer necessary and wondering how to call it off, this day gives the chance. Just Un-Valentine yourself on this day saying, “I’ve had enough” or “We aren’t getting anywhere” or “There is someone else”, as the case maybe, and you’ll have lots of company!

10. No-day day: With everyday being this day or that day there’s got to be a day when we need to take a break. That’s precisely where the No-day day comes in. This is the day to forget about all the problems of the world, all the plagues that exist in it and all our relatives. Live today assuming there are no problems in the world. Even if a problem arises leave it for another day!


srikar said...

a very thought provoking blog... yes, the world def will be a better place to live in if these days are put to effect.. my personal favourite is the 10th entry!! haha...........

Brat said...

Nice post man....I think an I'm Sorry Day and a No Mobile Phone Day are absolutely necessary in today's world, to show us the importance of what we have and how life has become so much easier with new gadgets such as cell phones.

Shyam said...

well the no ads day was gud how abt these additions:
No internet/computer day
Laughter Day
No Bills Day
Movie Day
Study Day
Meditation/Yoga Day
if one can come up with 200 days it wud be great

Cne said...

Sigh!! How I wish u were my project manager.There should also mandatorily be a NO-WORK day on every other day except on weekends....which are already holidays.what say?

Cne said...

Hmm.....I agree- But why can't we have a NO-WORK day? we can celebrate this every other day [except obviously weekends]. what say?
And I seriously believe ur getting too seriously into the 'Lets make the world a better place' mood man....pretty dangerous!!

Hari Ram Narayanan said...

2 shyam: You work on the 200 days!

2 cne: Y is it dangerous?