Friday, December 05, 2008

I am responsible for Terror Attacks

"The welfare of the whole world lies in every human being's selfish interest, as a flaw anywhere in the world, if allowed to develop, can manifest itself as a problem in his life." -- Transcendental Quotation, Thirty Two

Between November 26th and 29th 2008 terrorists from Lashkar-e-Taiba attack nine places in Mumbai killing close to two hundred people and injuring about another three hundred. I, an employee of a company that sells software living in a completely different city seem completely disconnected with this event. However, as I am about to show you, I am responsible for these attacks.

Judging the reaction of the people to this incident, many of them seem to be of the following opinion: They themselves are ‘good’ people. Unfortunately, all people are not like them and there are some ‘bad’ people like the terrorists. These terrorists, being ‘bad’ kill people for no reason at all, and the terrorists should be locked up in jails or killed for terrorism to be prevented.

At this point, let us take a closer look at these terrorists. What kind of life would they have lead to become what they are? Most of them would have never gone to schools, played in parks or laughed at parties. They would not have got the love and moral guidance that a proper family provides. I am here talking about values and bonding. If I had been given an AK47 and asked to murder, when I was eight, instead of being given a cricket bat and asked to play, I am sure I would have been different. The terrorists are normal humans like all. However, they have been brainwashed into what they are. This was again done by people who have been brainwashed themselves. All their lives are filled with blood, violence and gore. Their circumstances made them what they are. And the entire human society, taken as a whole is responsible for creating and then ignoring those circumstances. And I am as much a member of that society as the terrorists.

Let me give you some examples to demonstrate the connection I have with an event like this.
I have not cast a vote in a single election in the past seven years I have been eligible to do so. Maybe, if I had voted and convinced friends to do so, we would have had better leaders who could have prevented this. But I never cared, I thought it wouldn’t matter.
I have bribed policemen and other government authorities, for my convenience, just to save small amounts of time and effort. Maybe, one of them got promoted, took a bribe and allowed this to happen.
Maybe if I had given more to charity, aid would have reached the ailing corner of the world, which created these terrorists and prevented this.
I can go on like this and putting it together, I am connected and responsible in my way, for allowing the terror attacks to happen.

Looking at just me, all this may seem like a far cry, but the sad fact is there are millions and millions of people like me in this world. Our lack of sense of responsibility and carelessness combined, causes and allows for such tragedies. What can be done to stop this? Maybe we should punish different people for a change. Maybe some folks like me should be captured and beaten and killed. Alas, is there anyone who would take initiative to do something so drastic? The answer is yes, and the people who do this are known as the terrorists! Yes, this is exactly what the terrorists have done and the whole thing completes a big circle. A huge ‘Wheel of Terror’ is spinning and we all are spokes that keep this wheel going. People like me, the politicians, the security forces, the terrorists; all are just spokes: And each spoke is as responsible as any other to keep this wheel going.

The ‘Wheel of Terror’ teaches us one important lesson. We all are part of a system that balances itself, that is fair. We enjoy a life of splendor ignoring the cries of many people suffering across the world. The system creates such tragedies to balance this. It tells us, “It is your mistake, take it, you deserve it”. We must all open up and take heed of this.

For a change, let us stop pointing fingers at others, turn our hands, and point them at ourselves. Not at the politicians, not at the government, not at the security forces, not at other countries and not even at the terrorists, but ourselves. Let each one of us take responsibility for what happened, and change and improve on our part. Let us stop assuming that since our immediate surroundings are fine, the problems of the world don’t matter. Let us all act towards making proper health care, good education and lots of love be available at every corner of the world. Let each one of us consider the welfare of the whole world as his or her own selfish interest. For only then, shall the ‘Wheel of Terror’ stop spinning, and only then shall there be peace!

#Here is a video on how terrorists are recruited and brainwashed.


adriana said...

amazing. thanks for your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

dude.. u totally reflect my thoughts on this... i totally agree!! amazing how we have totally started thinking alike

arun rajkumar said...

It was not a surprise to see this one coming. I'm in tune with Hariism :)

vp said...


Exactly what i had in mind. Please do check the video on realities of terror @

I also believe that the Muslim community should play a greater role in preventing this brainwashing. They must get together and prevent the misinterpretation of Quran. Maybe strict moderation of teachings in Madrasas, discouraging people from making anti religious speeches..

A part of the solution would be modernization of Islam. A part would be to fight the ideology from outside.

angeli said...

Your solution isn't the best...if all of humanity is wonderful and educated and living in developed parts of the country, that means, more schools have been built, more rivers have been diverted to irrigate fields, more fossil fuels are being burned to provide more electricity...more wild habitats are being encroached upon, more pollution, more damage to the environment...I could go on and on. In the end someone suffers. Who? All the rest of creation! which in turn leads to the destruction of mankind!

Certain parts of the world HAVE to be less developed to compensate for the conspicuous consumption of developed nations. That's how we maintain some semblance of an ecological balance.

Now is there a solution that allows all of mankind to live in equality and in harmony with the environment? I have no idea...I personally think the problem is intractable.

My rather verbose 2 cents...

angeli said...

I have many more views on the religious extremism situation...but I shall spare you :-)

Hari Ram Narayanan said...

I don't consider what you call as development as development. Indiscriminately burning fossil fuels, encroaching into environment and other such activities is just foresightless abuse of technology. It is different from welfare. As the popular adage goes, "There is enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed". I believe it is possible to give good education, health care and love, and ensure real development of the whole world, without plundering the nature and polluting the earth. We need to broaden our idea of development to take everyone into account, and use scientific knowledge in a more holistic way.

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