Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ode to the Cow!

Hey cow, I send you love,
For the warm feelings you inspire!
Say now, exactly how,
So calmly you ever retire?

Dogs bark, flies buzz, men scream;
You close your eyes and cogitate!
Cars honk, sticks lash, lights beam;
You remain still and ruminate!

Hey cow, how you allow,
To squeeze out milk that you prepare!
Then thou, art slain we plough,
Leather for our selfish attire!

Halos of God-men pale,
When they see how you meditate!
Using your magic tail,
Do you secretly levitate?

Hey cow, I send much love,
For no wrong you ever conspire!
No dove, I bravely vow,
Can so much peace, as you, inspire!

PS: Wish you all a happy Mattu Pongal!


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angeli said...

love it!