Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ode to the Sea

"Oh roaring sea! Oh lapping waves!
You impress me none the more,
Oh roaring sea! Oh lapping waves!
You amuse me none the more!

A while is past, since we met last,
You are as blue as before;
Great ocean vast, please tell me fast,
Are you deeper one inch more?"

In much unrest, I slept that night
The sea wasn't such a bore;
It left a mark, that sublime sight,
What I said had made me sore.

In my mind, the tides were changing
To settle there lay a score
Next day with a different feeling,
Straight I headed for the shore,

"Dear sea, lied I yesterday!
You impress me all the more!
Each time I sea your sprawling bay,
You bewitch me more and more!"

PS: Written when I came to Madras and revisited the ocean after a sizable hiatus

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