Friday, December 16, 2005

On the probable means of my death

Reply to the man who warned against wading into the sea:

"Of all the pleasant ways to die,
I am sure I will not drown;
Though from a cliff or tower high,
Headlong, I might well fall down!

Maniacs abound in this world,
Maybe one would chop my head;
Daily new diseases unfold,
Any one could make me dead!

The conspiring sea’s no man’s friend,
She’s neither safe nor shallow;
But it has been my childhood trend,
The rising waves to follow!

I’ve grown up playing with the sea,
Swimming waters green and brown,
I like the sea and she likes me
So I’m sure I will not drown!"


Cne said...

What If I forcibly dunk ur head underwater ? U'll first not underatsnd anything, then u'll think of it as a game....after 30 seconds, when u start getting short of breath, u'll realise the seriousness of ur predicament. U'll start to struggle against the vise like grip.U'll go on struggling in vain till the craving of ur lungs for air overcomes ur control over it and u let go of ur breath.The spent air gets out as bubbles in the water.The lungs automatically heaves again.....but instead of pure air, it gets water - salty sea water.Maybe,I'll keep ur head dunked until water fills ur lungs and u slowly asphyxiate urself to oblivion.
What will u do then??

Kri said...

Hey, i really liked this poem, pedantic as this sounds, I dont think u can use the word mannerisms like that. Jus thought u shd know. Dude, i WISH I could write like you, very nice!!!

Hari Ram Narayanan said...

You are right. Mannerisms is wrong here, I looked it up(psst: and I had to look up pedantic also!). Thank you very much. pls lemme know if you can find any more mistakes.