Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The cake's perspective

I once thought the only way to be happy was by achieving something, making my name and reaching somewhere. But now my perspective is different. I see what needs to be done, what I feel like doing and try doing it with all my heart and extract happiness out of doing things this way alone.

To make this clear let me give you a small example. Take the case of me eating a cake. My earlier perspective towards it was this. The cake is a sweet thing. Eating it will give ME happiness. So I want to eat the cake and I want to be happy. But I now look at things in a different perspective. That is the cake's perspective. The purpose of the cake is to be eaten and relished by someone. It has to create happiness in whoever eats it. It needn't necessarily be me. Once someone eats it and becomes happy, I am happy. Because the best purpose of the cake has been served in the best possible way. It doesn't matter if I eat it or someone else eats it at all, when you look at things in the cake's perspective. So, if you step out of yourself, and start looking at the world "in the cake's perspective", life becomes a lot more meaningful and enjoyable. The restlessness to find something and do something is gone. You can start taking life as it comes. You just hang around and make sure all the cakes are eaten by people who like eating cakes, and once in a while it is you. And slowly you realise one thing. You yourself are a cake! You yourself exist to create happiness to the people around you! The world will make sure that you are consumed and relished to the fullest extent. You have nothing to search for and nothing to find. Things will happen by themselves if you just take care of yourself and make sure you have a good time.


Brat said...

Dude, I totally understand what you mean. If everyone could change their perspective to the cake's perspective, life would be a whole lot simpler and much more fun. Unfortunately, that is easier said that done. I, for one, cannot do it, even though I understand the significance of it, and how it will change my happiness quotient drastically. I need something more concrete to feed myself with, to make me really happy (personal achievements, milestones I have set, etc.).

Macadamia The Nut said...

It reminds me of a story my granddad told me when I was a kid. About how flowers, while they are being crushed for perfume, still give out a sweet fragrance

angeli said...

good post! Unfortunately...not at all true(sorry, but somebody had to point out the bitter truth). You can exist to make everyone happy and all that jazz and all that happens is that you get taken advantage of. That is the reality of the cruel harsh world that we live in.